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Futurovers (2021)

Virtual Economy and the Metaverse

Futurovers is a podcast about new technologies. This was my first interview about the Metaverse and I felt really excited to share my experience and knowledge. The episode turned around the concept of Metaverse, virtual platforms, and the way Web3 is revolutionizing the virtual economy.

Podcast Interview

Metaversus (2022)

Virtual Identity and the Metaverse

Metaversus 2022 was a virtual event organized by the Swiss Society of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. I was invited to participate as a speaker. My conference was titled Virtual Identity: Pros and Cons of Being Whoever You Want to Be.

AWE Nite Barcelona (2022)

Mobile World Congress this Week

Coinciding with the Mobile World Congress 2022, the Spanish chapter of AWE organized the first round table of the AWE Nite Barcelona. The discussion was about the Metaverse announcements of the MWC22 and I had the honor of representing my company as a speaker.

Laval Virtual Europe (2022)

TransVRsal Conference Metaverse Track

Thanks to Laval Virtual Europe I had my first experience as a Host / Moderator in a virtual conference about the Metaverse! It was a big challenge for me and I was very grateful for the opportunity. The event took place in Virbela, a virtual world where I could present the panel in an Auditorium full of avatar attendants.


Futurovers (2022)

Virtual Identity, Fashion, and Art Tendencies

Futurovers invited for the second time to their podcast. This time to talk about virtual identity in the Metaverse and its influence in the fashion and art industry.

Podcast Interview

Mirador Indiscret (2022)

From Gutenberg to the Metaverse

Mirador Indiscret was an event organized by the School of Marketing and Communication of Catalonia. I participated as a speaker in a panel about the past, present, and future of marketing, communication, and technology. My talk was focused on who the Metaverse is going to change the way we socialize, communicate, and do business in an even more interconnected and immersive world where the barriers between the physical and the virtual reality are completely blurred.