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A Practical Guide to Virtual Reality (2016)

This book was part of an initiative of the MA in Creative Documentary Filmmaking from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain in collaboration with Samsung. It intends to provide a general view of the most important topics regarding the different aspects of virtual reality production.

I was chosen to be one of the co writer of this handbook along with my MA Degree tutor and a few of my professors.

Link to the Publication

Demystifying the Metaverse (2022)

After a long time doing research about the Metaverse and working on proposals and projects related to it, I realized there was very little information about the new iteration of the Internet in Spanish, so I decided to start a series of articles regarding this topic.

My main goal was to inform in a responsible way about the Metaverse dynamics, players, related technologies, and interesting projects and make it accessible for the general audience with a clear language and explaining why it is more than a hype.

With touches of humor, examples, and relevant facts, each episode analyzes a specific myth or popular topic and provides information to 'demystify' it.

Episode 1: MetaversesEpisode 2: It is Already HereEpisode 3: Be Whoever You Want to BeEpisode 4: We Are All Gonna Make It